Gemology on Diamond Grading Tutorial (GDG)

Gemology on Diamond Grading Tutorial (GDG)

A 20-day program of 105 hours (including prerequisite on Basic Diamond Grading in JA17), an extension of your diamond education in the Appraising program focusing on the vital skill of diamond grading to understand how reports (certificates) are made. Each grading factor is discussed and practiced thoroughly and you will get to completely grade actual diamonds by yourself by GIA standards furnished by the school and record their quality in a Diamond Grading Form.

Working closely with the directress herself, Lucille Esperame-Bocobo, a Graduate Gemologist of the Gemological Institute of America, you’ll learn to use GIA’s internationally accepted diamond grading system, thus developing the professional skill to buy, sell and appraise diamonds effectively.

You will also benefit on keeping records for inventory and insurance purposes of your graded diamonds as well as include it in your sales presentation to earn the confidence of your customers.

Topics to be tackled during this program:

  • Basic Diamond Education
  • Facet arrangement of the standard round brilliant
  • Proper use of tools
  • Getting round and fancy diamonds dimensions, and estimating carat/weight of mounted and unmounted stones
  • GIA’s diamond clarity grades in brief, clarity characteristics, guidelines in plotting characteristics
  • Grading color using Masterstones, diamond lite and UV light
  • Master eye effect in color grading
  • Ideal proportions and finish, discussing Types I-IV stones
  • Cut grading, estimating the following proportions: Table size, Crown Angle, pavilion Depth Percentage, Culet Size
  • Cut grading, discussing major and minor faults and polish characteristics