What Our Graduates Have To Say

“Dearest Lucille,

It is with great pride that I share with you my most recent accomplishment - a GIA Graduate Diamonds Diploma. I share this news with you as you have prepared me very well for this course when I took your Jewellery Appraising Course at Gemlab. It has made my GIA Education so much easier and has allowed me to go through the course in greater depth as I had a very comprehensive introduction from your JA Course.

I hope you continue to inspire others to further their jewellery education, if not enrich their profession as active members of the jewellery industry.

Thank you for sharing your knowledge and, as a result, uplifting the standards in our local jewellery industry.

Don’t lose that fire in you! ;-)”

Warmest regards,

Beth Dizon

“hi mam lucille! im ok naman po..i miss gemlab! its been a year since i took the ja course...thnkful that i enrolled at gemlab dami ko po natutunan..take care and Godbless!”

Diana Santiago

“I went to Gemlab Philippines to formally trade my electronic multi-tester for an eye loupe.
Thirsty for knowledge and every end of Gemlab class day has given me an idea how wide diamond grading is, it is more than taking a 5 yr. bachelors degree in college plus a board exam.
Diamond grading at Gemlab is very exciting , challenging and fun.
I enjoyed much whilst learning.
Gemlab Philippines has quenched my thirst for valuable information and in fact overloaded.
The appraisal course is very helpful for those who wanna work as a jewelry appraiser and also for those jewelry/diamond shopaholic.
Maraming salamat po Miss Lucille.”

Pedrito Magtajas

“I thought my knowledge in jewelry appraisal was enough for me, only to be proven otherwise. I only realized this when I attended Gemlab's Jewelry Appraising seminar. The formal education I gained here gave me more confidence and professionalism in my job as a trainor.

I not only attained my goal but the seminar definitely surpassed my expectations giving me my money's worth. The new knowledge that I acquired here was greatly beneficial to our company as I was able to apply them to improve our operations.”

Dodgie M. Dizon, Trainor
Cebuana Lhuillier Pawnshop

“Best among others. The course is very comprehensive as far as my work is concerned. There has never been such course here in the Philippines that truly spoke of appraisal as definitely as what you gave us.”

Alma Hilda B. Duplito
Customs Appraiser, NAIA

“I can still remember the first time I entered Gemlab (2001) to do my Pawnshop and Appraisal course and subsequently Diamond , Colored Stones and Jewelry Design courses. I will never forget the experience and the valuable knowledge I gathered learning with Lucille. I had such a great time and Lucille was the most knowledgeable gemology teacher I've ever met. I learned so much and it was a fantastic experience learning a whole new subject . I am ever grateful for the experience I had with Gemlab and having a great teacher like Lucille. Because of Gemlab it was so easy for me to get through my GG in GIA as I applied the same techniques Lucille taught us. Thanks Lucille. Hope to see you in Philippines soon”

Rahila Cader, GG
Gemologist, IGI Hong Kong
International Gemological Inst.

“Dear Lucille:
I have always believed that beauty and uniqueness has no possible way of measurement or even value. I have always been in love with everything that God has created, especially stones and minerals, as you know, I believe in their spiritual and healing powers.

However, when I met you I discovered many important aspects of the things I never gave attention to, so my first thanks is to bring me back to reality!!!!!

You also were a master piece in life's game for me to discover a great love, gemology, and to realize how deeper my love and beliefs were.
What I really appreciate most about you is your love for knowledge and the wisdom of your advices. The way you made us think instead of giving us everything so easy. The excellence and the integrity with which you act is simply marvellous!!!!! And on top of all this, you never gave up!!!!! Truly I thank and praise God that I finally found a REAL teacher, with no other intention than make better hersel”

Pamela Bahre Ebensperger
May 19, 2009 (email)

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