– Junior Gemologist Program (Preferably from grade 5-7 students)
– Jewelry Repair & Gold Plating – 10 day program (30 hours)
– Fine Gold Plating – 3 day program ( 9-10 hours)

Jewelry Appraising (JA17) - Gold & Basic Gemology on: Diamonds, Colored Stones & Pearls, plus Pawnshop Operation & Management

A 17-day program (105+ hours) arranged in a special package for you to learn the proper evaluation of gold jewelry and gems with emphasis on diamonds & gold, to prepare even beginners for the rigorous demands of the market … Continue reading →

Gemology on Colored Stones & Gem Identification Tutorial (GCS)

A 10-day program of 84½ hours (including prerequisite attendance on basic Colored Stones & Pearls of JA17) where you will learn to apply your knowledge of colored stones to the challenges of gem identification. You learn the full range of gem testing instruments to observe and determine the optical and physical … Continue reading →

Gemology on Diamond Grading Tutorial (GDG)

A 20-day program of 105 hours (including prerequisite on Basic Diamond Grading in JA17), an extension of your diamond education in the Appraising program focusing on the vital skill of diamond grading to understand how reports (certificates) are made. Each grading factor is discussed and practiced thoroughly and you will get to completely grade actual … Continue reading →

Basic Jewelry Manufacturing (JM)

A 22-day program of 66 hours that provides basic personalized hands-on training in the major aspects of jewelry hand manufacture including fabrication (metal working), repair, annualing, planishing, drilling, forming, soldering & finishing techniques. The emphasis of this special course is on … Continue reading →

Jewelry Design (JD)

A 29-day program of 87 hours with a minimum of 2 students per class arranged in a special package for you to apply the principles of good jewelry design; develop skills needed to create and illustrate designs in … Continue reading →